Mouseland article

An article from Art Doll Quarterly, Spring 2012, about all things mouse:



  1. I've always loved mousies, I grew up on Beatrix Potter books and the ones with mice were my favorites. Your mice have to be the cutest ever. The scenes are wonderful and their little faces have so much expression. It is a true pleasure to have discovered your Blog.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Just discovered you today! My nickname is Trishymouse, I have several mouse tattoos, love all things mice (have even had several real ones as friends...) I adore what you do, and if you ever sell them, you have me as a built-in customer! LOL

  3. I bought the magazine issue when it came out. It was a great way to learn more about you! Truly fascinating! xo Jennifer

  4. I love your little mice. They are adorable.

  5. I just came across a link to your wonderful mice at Shelley Noble's Halfland blog - beautiful work!

  6. Het is allemaal zo mooi ! Proficiat.

  7. Mouseland is a small island of hope, in an otherwise uncertain world...
    Thank you
    Ann (Canada)

  8. Oh my! I am enthralled. I work at a library and "discovered" City Mouse, Country Mouse. I am 52 and will most likely ask for it for my birthday. Your work is delightful and inspiring and fun. The quality of your mice and scenes shows through online and leaps off the page. Mouseland is whimsical and exquisite. I,too, would love to purchase one of your sweet babies if you ever sell them. I am a doll sculptor and a dollhouse creator, and I would love to have one of your mice in my Lynleigh! Please?

    1. Well thank you! I'm so glad Mouseland has given you pleasure!


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