Monday, July 5, 2010

Greetings from Mouseland!
I have been away from internet access for a few days and have returned to find my followers list tripled! So I need to thank Nikki for featuring me on her blog, and also thank all of my new followers who've left me so many encouraging comments.
To answer a common question; I am not selling the mice at this point but I am working to develop ways to show them. I am in talks now with a publisher to develop a children's book.
I will keep you posted!
Thanks, Maggie


  1. I think your followers have tripled because you can't help but fall in love with them. :) I actually found you through Andrea Thieck Miniatures blogspot, but since I'm a follower of Nikki's as well I would have found you eventually. ;)

  2. I'm in heaven. I love all things mouse related and found myself on your blog through surfing through several others. Love your cute mousey creations and I will be checking back often to see what new creations you have come up with. :-)

  3. I also find your blog on Nikki's blog and i realy love your mouses and the settings there in.
    I am working on a treehouse for mouses myself(like in te story's of Bremley Hedge).
    I not yet made the mouses, but i will give it a try.
    But yours are stunnig,they look so big big compliments!

  4. What a pity, that you don't sell them (for now I hope). I've got your side from nikki and published it the same day on my blog. I hope you'll get MUCH MUCH MUCH more followers, because your work is really art and you deserve it. I wish you luck for the children's book project! By why only for children? As you see - adults love your mice too!

  5. Hello, Maggie!

    I think a children's book sounds marvellous, and I also know a lot of very old children who would buy one -- including me!

    All the best,


  6. Maggie, I also found your blog through Nikki's blog, and then featured it on my blog, as well.
    It seems we've all fallen in love with your little

  7. Hello :-)
    I would really like to show some of your photos in my blog. Is that allright with you? I really admire your work. Anemarte

  8. Hello, Anamarte
    Yes, you can use my photos, and thank you for asking!
    Your photos are beautiful, I especially like the fish.

  9. When I found your blog, I was so inspired, I started writing a chapter book that very evening. Thank you!

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  11. Hi,:) I just started needle felting and love it. I made mice of my own but would love to know what you used for the nose - it seems so shiny. Also, how do you create such little fingers/paws? Do you use beeswax too? Thank you for your blog! I absolutely love to see what you are doing. Good luck on the children's book. :) Dawn


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