Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

The residents of Mouseland once more give thanks for their roasted walnut.


  1. Thank you Maggie! What a feast to our eyes! They look like they can't wait, and I love hoe the little close one is looking right at us! Hehe!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and thank you for sharing your wonderful family of mousies! (I know mice but that sounded better)

  2. Wow, this photo is very beautiful :) It's a feast to my eyes. Congratulations !!!

    Greeting from Poland

  3. Oh, so sweet, such beautiful little mice. Happy thanksgiving to you and your mice! x

  4. The wallnut instead of turkey is a brilliant idea, I think! Your mice are just too cute!

  5. How precious. They look just as excited about thenks giving as we all are. The mice are wonderful each and every one, different.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving. The little mouser family looks so happy and thankful. So precious.

    Hugs ♥

  7. Happy Thanksgiving. What a wonderful scene:)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! So tiny and so cute they are, and the scenes are magical!

  9. Your mice and photos are so amazing : ) I just discovered you about 30 mins ago through pintrest and have already bought your book for my daughter for her birthday!
    I love the little guy in the front looking directly at the camera, its just like a real family photo. The litte details in your scenes like that are very clever.It must be wonderful to be able to live your life making such gorgeousness : D


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