Wednesday, November 19, 2014



  1. Love those out of control eyebrows on grandpa. hahaha

  2. Oh gosh! Your work is so charming, Maggie! And now that I know where you make it all, I appreciate it even more!

    PS: wearing a towel as an apron like you has changed my life! And will save me tons in clothing costs! Brilliant of you!

    1. writing to add that your masterful touch of just a hint outside view through the round window adds to much life to the scene! Makes it feel real vs, just gorgeous. And the fire does look amazing! So absolutely real! And I additionally love how all your scene have fully realized reality to the characters, such as the little cup for tea on the table and the books strewn around, etc. It's not a static scene, it's these two older gentlemice having an evening discussion over pipes and tea. Old friends. Neighbors.

      Sigh. Your fan forever.

  3. Thank you, Shelley. High praise indeed, coming from you!
    I am totally chuffed about my towel apron. I'm going to add a pocket on the next version.

    Nerdishly yours,

  4. I'm sure those two mousy guys, are sorting out all the problems of the world.
    Love the fire place.
    Hugs Kay

  5. Those guys have a very warm and cosy home, where are they talking about....;)?
    Love this scene, Maggie!

  6. Your little mice make me so happy - thank you!!!!

  7. So sweet....we had to laugh 'cause those eyebrows look like our Daddy's!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. You must have great fun decorating the mouses' houses with their "found" objects!

  9. dobra książka, doborowe towarzystwo
    i ogień w kominku - pełnia szczęścia!


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