Monday, August 3, 2015

The mice are on vacation this week, but you can visit them here in this nice article from American Miniaturist....  We're on page 24.


  1. Hay montones de palabras para definir tu blog, tus post, para mi es la de increíblemente genial, saludos desde España.

  2. Good Afternoon Maggie! I must say that one of the details that most impresses me is the way your mice are seen in MOTION even in a still photograph! The scarf blowing out behind, as the father mouse presses into the wind and gets his stride. Mother mouse going slow so that the terrified baby mouse can get his balance... There is such a world of wonder within each of your scenes; lovely bits of Mouse Life which always has me spellbound.
    Congratulations on the article in American Miniaturist, Well Done! :D


  3. oh maggie.
    thank you for making the article big enough to read!
    i couldn't say it any better than elizabeth s has above!
    you're wonderful. for adults and children!
    but aren't we all children anyway? i think you prove that with our delight in your work.

    1. i just clicked on the link.
      oh! that total spread of the mouse room. the big fork and tiny hot bellied stove! oh! LOL.
      everything just delightful.
      i read the whole article and am so glad to be among the THOUSANDS who've found you and are following this wonderful tiny world you create! xo♥

  4. Felicidades por la publicación, esos adorables ratoncitos deseaban ver a su creadora con reconocimiento mundial.
    Un abrazo

  5. Congratulations and so looking forward to seeing the article in American Miniaturist! I have your first book and it is a treasure book I love. Your work is a constant delight and pleasure.

  6. Congrats on your article!!! I hope the mice are relaxing deeply on their vacation. :-) xo Jennifer

  7. Congratulations on your new article! and thank Maggie for making the article so we can read it! That was so thoughtful of you. I love the details and your generosity for explaining to us how you do things. You have inspired me to make my own design. I took up felting and the first thing I wanted to do is make a mouse :) xo JudyK

  8. cudownie, gdy pasję można dzielić z innymi duszyczkami :)))

  9. How neat! Love getting the back story.


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