Thursday, July 21, 2016

genius grandbaby


  1. Such fine work, Maggie! Your imagination is boundless! Those furnishings!

  2. So cute! What is the little table fashioned from?

  3. ohmygosh!
    I just can't get enough of your tiny mouse world!
    the loving tender expressions on the parents' faces.
    and grand dad with his busy eyebrows! and his look of surprise and delight!
    and baby... pride and wonder at his own creation!
    you've captured each one! I find I always end each sentence here
    with an exclamation point. but I can't help it. you're wonderful.
    I actually remember playing with rings like those. in another lifetime
    long long ago... in a galaxy far far away! LOLOL! ♥

  4. Vraiment j'adore ce que vous faites !!! J'aimerai bien ĂȘtre petite souris pour passer un moment de partage avec vos petits personnages :-)


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