Thursday, October 6, 2016



  1. ohmygosh!
    LOVE the clothespin clothes shelf and hanger!
    and the little drying rack. my gram used to call that a clothes horse. where that name came from i have no idea!
    this is just wonderful. as they ALL always are. and the details! oh my! XOXO♥
    hope you enjoyed your road trip. :)

  2. I LOVE this! My mother used to iron clothes and listen to classical music! (And I earned allowances by ironing my Dad's and brother's shirts!)You are so inventive!

  3. I can't even. So much in this to adore. The clothespin propping up the rack and shelf, the label on the drying rack, the hole to the outside, little garments on little hangers. It's all so much charm and amazement. Maggie, you are my favorite artist.

  4. Awww I love the meeces to peeces, they are so cute
    Om my goodness the purse bed wow
    what lovely scenes you have made
    just gorgeous.
    Love l
    It love it love it

  5. So cute...I am excited. Have a great weekend!

  6. I really really love your work!. So super cute and full of life <3

    Best Regards:Lea

  7. This Poor mousie looks soooo tired. Ironing was never a favorite job of mine either! ;P


  8. Oh my.. what a cutie at work! <3

  9. Oh my.. what a cutie at work! <3

  10. Awww..such a sweet scene! She does look tired but I love all the details! I have a rack like that in my cellar. I love the striped knit dress and all the little hangers! Is she smaller than others, I'm going by the clothespin. I love ALL your scenes and the many details.

  11. No wonder your mice are so neatly have help!


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