Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Here it comes!



  1. I love your work so much. I love how your mouse creations have made the mousey dolly carriage. I love how the little stairs are bowed from long use. I love trying to see what the mice have used fro our world are things in theirs, like strawberry baskets for window mullion and stair rail perhaps.

    I love the youthful proportion to the younger mice, their eyes being larger on larger heads.

    All delicious. But above all, the way your mice are capturing the sense of anticipation every bit as real real.

    1. I love how you see every little thing, sometimes details I'm only half-conscious of! I love your comments and I love Halfland.

  2. I hope it's the ice cream truck!

  3. I think it's the ice cream truck too :-) You get such lovely expressions on your mice faces.


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