Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I spent the weekend carving this fainting couch


  1. hello, lovely to 'meet' you , I just came over from camilla engmans link and how pleased i am to have a look around this lovely blog and your beautiful ingenious work, your delicacy and detail is a delight .
    I laughed at the irony of mousetrap table and especially loved the glass button window .

  2. A friend just recommended your blog to me and I was not disappointed. Your mice and interiors are lovely and so beautifully detailed :)
    Are the mice needle felted?

  3. Hi, and thank you!
    The mice are not felted; they're made from flat felt pieces joined together.

  4. All of your work is simply amazing! This fainting couch is extraordinary! I love your work, because as a young girl, I would often fantasize that a tiny family of mice lived in my house, and I'd imagine them wearing all sorts of clothes, and wonder how their little mouse house would be decorated. Your lovely blog brings back those long-lost dreams and memories, and makes me smile!


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