Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A tray of mice, ready for their closeups. Or maybe cat canapes.


  1. Hi:-)
    My name is Karina, I´m from Denmark and I absolutely adore your mice:-)
    Actually we are a couple of your mice-lovers who wants to ask you if you sell your mice by any chance? And if you do how much for a mouse and shipping and so on? I can guarantee you that your mice will have new loving homes at my house and at my friends house:-)
    Please if you want to sell a couple of your adorable mice please write in here perhaps? And we can exchange email addresses?

    Thank you
    / Karina Andersen

  2. Hi Karina, I'm glad to know there are mice-lovers in Denmark too!
    I don't sell the mice at this point, but I am working on using them to illustrate a children's book, which I hope to publish. Thank you for your nice words and I hope you will keep visiting my Mouseland.

  3. Thank you so much for your quick answer:-)
    I will keep visiting your wonderful mouseland for sure.
    If you change your mind about selling mice, please write me in here.
    So far it sounds exciting about the book, hope to see it in Denmark or at least at Amazon:-)


  4. I too am very interested in your children's book illustrated with your cute mice!


  5. is this a mouse concentration camp?

  6. As you don't sell your wonderfull creations is there any chance you could make a tutorial about how you make them?
    I adore your creations and I would love to make a tiny mouse family for myself.

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