Sunday, March 14, 2010

learning to make chairs

This shows a week's evolution of mouse chairs. They're constructed out of old rulers, which are made from nice old VG fir, and easy to carve. I recently bought a miniature tablesaw so I'll be able to use more accurately milled wood, and the chairs will get less clunky.
The chairback on the far right is made from an earring.


  1. Wooza wooza!
    Nice to see scenes of Mouselandia & its furry inhabitants.

  2. i was feeling pretty down today and i seen this gave my spirits a lift

  3. This is very cute and cushy. What are the mice made of? You really have to be quite creative to come up with such ideas. Well done, good job. Do you sell these art works to people? I'm sure it makes you happy to make these nice little mice in domestic settings. I think somebody should make cats! Its very comforting and sometimes funny. I like Venus. What a beautiful little mousette. Sweet.


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